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Orange Rockerverb 50 MkI

Orange Rockerverb 50

The Orange Rockerverb is one of the most successful model of the new generation of Orange amps. Its two channels and very deep reverb make it ideal for many styles, from pure Surf music to modern Metal. This is quite an achievement for a brand that built its reputation in the 70s on a range of amps that mainly offered one lonely (but great) tone.


Vox AC30 Anniversary

Now this is a good looking Vox AC30! Produced prior to the Korg buy-out, these anniversary models are great amps in their own right. They are not electronically accurate reproduction of the 60's models, but they sure sound good. This one also belongs to Geoff from the Live Music Shop who, along with Stewart, the second owner, plays in a great Shadows cover band. I can credit them for teaching me how to set an amp for a great clean sound.

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