Mesa Roadster

Mesa Roadster Combo

The Mesa Rectifier range is quite a long running one. Since the beginning of the 90's, the Dual Rectifier and Triple Rectifier have been used by many pros and amateurs for all kinds of music. The most famous tones of the Rectifier range - from the Red channel in "Modern" mode - are strongly based on the Soldano SLO lead channel. In fact, the first models of the range were almost solely based around this circuit. With time and msuicians input, they evolved to include cleaner modes like with this Roadster, the RoadKing, the Solo Head or the Rect-o-Verb. On the big closed-back 2x12 combo we have here, the two cleaner channels are based on a Fender Blackface-style preamp with various degrees of boosts, while the remaining two employ the SLO's configuration. With all sorts of bells and whistles, the Roadster could be a pain to operate but thanks to a clean and logical layout, it is in fact quite straightforward.

This particular amp had a faulty effects loop which produced dramatic losses of volume on all channels. Once repaired, the amp produced strong and bold tones in every mode. This is in fact a recurring characteristic of the Rectifier amplifiers: the bass end is always emphasised, the mids are restrained and the highs are present but restrained in the upper range. This gives great tones at moderate levels at home or in the shop, but they simply don't cut through the mix in a live band situation. The Roadster is probably the one amp from the Rectifier range that best avoids the problem: the Celection V30s and the cab construction may help in that matter. At the end of the day, it provides all sorts of good tones, from ultra-clean to ultra-saturated and everything in between, making it ideal for cover bands requiring ultimate flexibility.